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Writings 2010


November 29

Haiti’s Fouled Up Elections


October 20

Teaching Black Feminism and Paying it Forward


August 27

If I Were President: Haiti’s Diasporic Draft Part I


August 11

Haiti’s Electionaval 2010


August 2

Why I Miss bell hooks


August 1

Haiti’s Solidarity with Angels


July 28

Rape a Part of Daily Life for Women in Haiti



Why Representations of Haiti Matter Now More than Ever


July 12

Goudougoudou: Earthquake Memories From Haiti


July 1

Haiti’s Future: Repeating Disasters


April 12

Haiti’s Earthquake Nickname and Some Women’s Trauma


March 18

Sisters of the Cowries, Struggles and Haiti’s Future


March 7

Some not so Random Thoughts on Words, Art & Creativity


February 4

Haiti’s Future: A Requiem for the Dying


January 25

Dehumanization & Fracture: Trauma At Home & Abroad


January 25

The Way we See Haiti (Here on Earth)

Interview w/UMiami Kate Ramsey


January 21

Haiti’s Vodou Religion (PRI) Interview w/NYU’s Sibylle Fischer


January 21

Haiti Will Never be the Same


January 14

Amid Rubble and Ruin, Our Duty to Haiti Remains


January 11

Avatar, “Voodoo” and White Spiritual Redemption

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