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2016 Appearances


Transnational Hispaniola

February 17

Rutgers University


Why Haiti Needs New Narratives

March 15

SUNY Oneonta


Why Haiti Needs New Narratives
March 17

Cornell University


American Ethnological Society

March 31 – April 2

Washington D.C.



Negotiating My Giant Leaps

April 28

Wesleyan University


i$land Re-Po$$e$$ed

(Re-reading Katherine Dunham in

the Non-Profit Industrial Complex)

May 16-17

King's College, London


Caribbean Studies Association

June 6–11


When and Where I Enter

October 14, 2016

Smith College, Northampton, MA


Marie Chauvet/Haiti: Chauvet’s Theatre of Revolt

October 24, 2016

Segal Theatre Center, New York, NY


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