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2018 Appearances


"Black Liberation Rasanblaj Redux"
4th Annual Kamau Brathwaite Lecture

February 2

The UWI, Cave Hill Campus, Cave Hill, Barbados


“Skin Castles: Performing a Taxonomy
of Rages Against Empire”

Symposium, “Exhibiting the Experience of Empire”

March 9

British Museum, London, England


Performance, “Remixed Ode to Rebel’s Spirit
or Lyrical Meditations on A Revolutionary Legacy:
Haiti and Toussaint Louverture”

March 16

British Museum, London, England


“Enduring Questions, New Methods:
Haitians Studies in the 21st Century”

April 12-13

University of Virginia


School of Language, Culture and Society

April 23-26

Inaugural residency, Oregon State University, Corvallis


Keynote, “African and Caribbean Women
in the Post-diaspora”

July 12-14

South Bank University, London, England



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