Gina Athena Ulysse Altered Native workshop

Photo by Aimée Xia

of Belonging Workshop

Focus discussion on reflexive understanding of historically grounded, institutional constraints that obstruct collective creation of affirmative spaces in academic circles that impede fuller successfull navigation and participation in institutions of higher learning.


Alter(ed)native Workshop
Explore the tenuous border zones between ethnography and performance. Focused discussion is on why we need to engage with the visceral in the structural to fully participate in the decolonizing project of accessing and reclaiming a full and embodied subject.

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“Performing Haiti/ Haiti in Performance” Panel

October 1st

Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York


“Afro-Gothic” Panel

October 27

Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York


“Haiti Through Feminist Lens” Panel

November 9

National Women Studies Conference, Atlanta, Georgia


“Alternatives in Publishing: A Writing Workshop

for Transnational Feminist Scholars” Workshop

November 10

National Women Studies Conference, Atlanta, Georgia


“Resistance to Public Writing” Panel

November 16

American Anthropology Association Conference

San Jose, CA

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